Bariatric Surgery: Tackling Obesity in the modern era.

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Over the past few decades, obesity is a health concern that has been on the rise in almost all parts of the world. There has been a significant increase in the number of people who are inclined to having a bariatric surgery in order to tackle severe obesity. This problem of obesity leads to a number of various issues that includes diabetes, heart diseases and problems in the bones and joints.

According to researches, bariatric surgery can prove to be beneficial to the people facing morbid obesity. It can help them reduce their weight, improve their obesity related health conditions and increase the life span of the patients. Bariatric surgery encompasses a number of different surgeries such as gastric sleeve surgery, gastric band surgeries and other stomach surgeries for weight loss. Let us guide you through some of the surgeries that a Bariatric surgeon has expertise in.

1) Gastric Sleeve Surgery:
Gastric Sleeve Surgery, commonly known as Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, is one of the most widely performed bariatric surgery in the world. In the modern era of technology, new techniques have been introduced in this procedure which are safe and marginally invasive. The stomach size of a patient is speculated to be reduced by a significant percentage. A general anesthesia is given to the patient that marks the start of the surgery. A laparoscope is used which enables the surgeon to look inside the patient’s stomach. A few small cuts would be made in the patient’s abdomen and portions of the fat stored would be removed. The procedure’s duration is between an hour to 90 minutes.

2) Gastric Band Surgery:
Stomach band surgery, also referred to as a gastric band surgery, is a type of a bariatric surgery that reduces the food intake and the size of a patient’s stomach by placing a silicone band around the upper part of the stomach. A port under the abdomen is used in injecting a saline solution into the band in order to inflate the band. An outcome of this surgery is that the patient does not feel the need to eat for elongated periods of time. Smaller quantities of food are sufficient in filling the stomach. An important attribute of this surgery is that the consumed food is digested normally. The surgery duration ranges between half an hour to an hour.

Bariatric Surgery in Pakistan has been pioneered by Contours, which is a weight loss and an obesity management centre. Weight loss surgery in Pakistan was something that had not been looked upon by the doctors in Pakistan. However, this was changed when Dr. Saeed Qureshi, a competent surgeon, started providing these services to the patients who suffered from obesity. Pakistan is a nation that has a vast population (approx. 50%) that is suffering from obesity. In order to counter this prevalent problem, Contours has initiated a number of weight loss surgeries that are safe and counter the problem of obesity in a safe manner with minimal long-term hazards.