Obstinate Obesity!

types of obesity

According to WHO (World Health Organization) obesity is causing “2.8 million” (WHO, 2017) lives every year to end. Everyone, talks about obesity, but does everyone actually understand all the downsides of it? Now, everyone who face obesity are bullied at one time or other in their lives, then they think that they will end up having a ripped body after hitting the gym instantly. Those, who think this way there is a bad news! There is no such thing as shaping up instantly; well they themselves know this better. While at it let’s look at the problems that one can encounter while facing the obstinacy of obesity, it will become motivation for some but things which will be mentioned will allow some to think about other options as well because sadly, things for some have gone too far.

First let’s look at some diseases related to obesity which eventually lead to one’s demise

Type 2 Diabetes

Now, diabetes can be regarded as the “problem with your body which causes blood sugar (glucose) to rise in the body above normal levels.” Type 2 “Diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. Now, what does it mean to have type 2 diabetes? It means that your body is not using the insulin adequately. This problem is also known as “Insulin resistance”. The problem leads pancreas at first to generate extra insulin in the body to cover up but after sometime it is unable to keep up the sugar level in the blood at normal range (American Diabetes Association).

According to figures about “87%” people who have diabetes are obese (Health Risks of Being Overweight, 2015). Since, obesity cause cells to change which further disapproves of them to accept “hormone insulin”. Insulin carries sugar from blood to the cells where the energy can be consumed later. When a person becomes “insulin resistant”, sugar does not get absorbed in the cells which excesses the amount of sugar in blood, this furthers the problem so that is how the sugar level fluctuates. Now, is the problem you want with your body?

High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease

Obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease these all are interlinked. How? So, obesity is a problem which furthers the problem since the more you weigh the more blood is required to supply the oxygen and nutrients in to your body. So when more and more blood is pumping through your heart arteries, the more pressure it generates on the artery walls. This adds the problem of heart disease at the same time one is facing high blood pressure issues (high blood pressure “hypertension”, 2018).


This is one of the most emerging issues in regards to obesity in medical science. So, what is a stroke? Stroke is something which occurs when the blood is not supplied to a certain part of the brain due to blood clot blockage. This causes the brain cells to die, which eventually and most unfortunately leads to a stroke. This happens when obesity causes the cholesterol levels in the blood to increase which basically blocks the veins or artery through which the blood is transfused throughout the body (Health Risks of Being Overweight, 2015).


Now, cancer is a disease which causes cells in the body to grow abnormally. It is uncertain and the researches are being conducted on the issue but it is not exactly known what causes cancer to develop in an obese body. It may be that “Fat cells release hormones” which allow the erratic growth of cells in the body leading to cancer (Health Risks of Being Overweight, 2015). Such cases are being observed and are appearing speedily which is allowing the medical researchers to speculate to this level.

Sleep Apnea

Now what does being obese has to do with sleep right? It has everything to do with it, since people who are obese have more and more fats around there neck which allows the airway smaller. The tinier the airway the harder it gets to breath, which can be evident through loud snoring etc. Sleep apnea is a medical condition, in which people face the difficulty of breathing while sleeping, and it is observed that during their sleep people suffering from “sleep apnea” once during their sleep are completely unable to breath. It is as horrible as it sounds because one sleeps to rest getting over the toll of tiring day. What if your weight does not even allow you to have a night’s decent sleep?


As the name suggests it is a problem related to the joints in your body, this problem occurs most likely in obese people because of extra weight on joints and cartilage (it is a strong and flexible material between joints) extra or extreme weight causes cartilage to wear out and cause extreme pain. Osteoarthritis occurs in hand joints, knees, back joint etc. Obese people are at a very high risk of this disease pertaining to excessive their weight. (Health Risks of Being Overweight, 2015)

Fatty Liver and Kidney Disease

Fatty liver disease occurs because of the excessive fat which builds up in the liver; this can cause a scar tissue or “cirrhosis”. This disease can permanently damage the liver as well and obese people are prone to having a fatty liver. As liver is responsible for cleaning the blood, imagine if you do not have a healthy liver and the blood is not getting cleared of harmful pollutants what will you do then? Similarly the function of kidney is similar; they remove waste particles and extra water from the body and transform them into urine. Obesity is the root cause of problems like diabetes and high blood pressure which can lead to kidney disease. According to research obesity can act as a catalyst in the process of kidney disease, which ends up in kidney failure (Health Risks of Being Overweight, 2015).

There are many other problems associated with obesity like respiratory issues and psychological problems as well are observed in obese people. The question is what are we willing to do to end the menace of obesity? To what end are we willing to go? There are rigorous exercises and courses which offer a solution, but are you willing to put up for it? These are some of the question we would like you to ask yourself when you find yourself obese.