Top 5 Myths of weight loss surgery that surprise you

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As much as weight loss surgeries are common these days to control morbid obesity, the risks and fears related to it are also a deep-rooted reality. It is but lately that bariatric surgeries are breaking all stereotypes and people are getting more familiar and comfortable with the reality of the procedure involved. These surgeries are getting more popular because people are getting more aware about the myths involved in it. Gastric band surgery (stomach band surgery), gastric bypass surgery and sleeve gastrectomy are effective ways to treat obesity. However, the misconception associated with these surgeries prevent many people from pursuing these procedures for weight loss.

Following are the most common types of myths related to weight loss surgery:

1) It is believed that weight loss surgery is a “cop-out” for people with no self-control which is hardly a truth. There are a lot of things that patients going through these surgeries have to be cautious about. Patients must eat several small meals a day so that they do not consume larger amounts when they feel hunger pangs. In this way, the quantity of food, digestion and metabolism can be controlled. Patients also need to take proper supplements to balance their diet and meet the nutritional requirements. They need to avoid certain food categories especially junk food and they have to maintain a healthy balance diet for the rest of their lives.

2) Another myth about these surgeries is that they are too expensive. If we look at it upfront then indeed the cost of these surgeries is too much. However, different researches prove that the cost of not treating obesity will be higher in the long run. Obesity is a disease and it brings a lot of health hazards with it. If these issues are not dealt with in a proper and timely manner, then they might result in huge hospital bills.

3) The third myth that people strongly believe in was that bariatric surgery won’t help them live any longer. However, researchers suggest that it is actually the best decision an obese person can make in his life. Losing weight is always healthy, so losing massive pounds in surgery will automatically add extra years onto a person’s life.

4) The most bizarre myth that we come across is that you won’t be able to have kids after surgery. Obesity itself, is one of the leading causes of infertility. Surveys suggest that obese women tend to have more complications during pregnancies than women who’ve had the surgery. Gestational diabetes can lead to pre-eclampsia, birth defects, miscarriage, oversize infants and stillbirth.

5) Some people say that even after surgery you will still have the same risk of weight gain. People who get their surgery done, develop healthy bacteria in their guts. This bacteria helps to metabolize fat and boost their immune system. These flora decrease the body’s fat and burn carbohydrates rather than converting them into fat.

These myths and misconception about weight loss surgeries are gradually becoming obsolete because of the awareness created among people about the positive outcomes of bariatric surgery.