A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy is a procedure that surgically removes excessive skin and signs of skin aging from the neck area and face. The common and evident signs of aging are the excessive relaxation of skin on the face and neck which causes the skin to sag; the excessively deepened fold lines between the corner of your lips/mouth and the nose; jowls; turkey neck- excessive fat/loose skin around the neck area also known as 'double chin'.

This procedure, however, will help you reduce these signs and give you a much more youthful look. The procedure will reduce facial wrinkles, as well as improving the complete look of face and jaw. This procedure will overall help you reduce the crucial effects of stress, exposure to sunlight and time.

The doctor will start with tightening your skin and will lift your underlying muscles that are on your face to give you an outcome which is aligned with aesthetically appealing contours. Hence, rejuvenating the structure of the face. The facelift will not only just be for women, but also will be for men, and/or seniors who want to reduce signs of aging.

The candidates should always have realistic expectations with the outcomes of the surgery and only the candidates that will follow pre/post procedures set by the doctor should consider this surgery that will leave them looking youthful and refreshed.