Gastric Plication

For many overweight and obese individuals, the conventional methods of weight reduction like diet and exercise may not be enough to shed those excess pounds. With the help of gastric plication obese patients can achieve that slimmer and healthier body without spending a fortune.

Through the years, obesity surgery in Pakistan has become a very popular option for obese patients who lack insurance or simply cannot afford the high costs of medical treatments.

Excess weight and obesity are the leading causes of many chronic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. According to the Obesity and Overweight Factsheet released by the World Health Organization (WHO), around 2.8 million adults die annually due to obesity.

Quick Facts About Gastric Plication

For patients considering stomach plication in Bangalore, here is a brief overview of the procedure:

Gastric plication reduces the size of the stomach to limit food intake. This procedure does not involve removing parts of the stomach or intestine or attaching any device to them. Instead, the stomach is folded inward and then the folds are sutured, keeping the stomach intact.

Gastric plication is considered a safe weight loss surgery option as it is minimally invasive and reversible.

There are fewer complications with gastric plication compared to other bariatric surgeries.

The stomach’s capacity to absorb nutrients remains the same. Patients who have undergone gastric imbrication in Bangalore, India or anywhere else should eat foods high in nutrients since the surgery will make them feel full very quickly.

Patients should expect to stay in the hospital for up to two days, post-surgery.

Post-operation, patients should follow a strict diet program, especially designed for them.