Success story of losing 80 Kgs

In 2010 my life was miserable due to my extra weight. I was 178Kgs at that time (BMI 54). I tried many options to get rid of my morbid obesity, but some gave me temporary or no relief at all. Ultimately I decided to go for bariatric surgical procedure to get back in to my life.

Initially I was bit scared, but considering ny stubborn obesity I must say it proved to be lifesaving procedure for me. I reduced 80Kgs by that surgery. I am happier and more confident than I was before. My health was improved dramatically including smoking, sleep apnea, high cholesterol level and joint pains. After the surgery I went back home the same day, the next morning I was just as normal as before, my appetite was reduced and my diet was reduced to one-fourth of the previous intake. Psychologically I am feeling myself back in the game of life. Life seems to light and I stay energetic throughout the day.

I lost 80kgs very easily in just a short span of 10 months only. Now I weigh around 85kgs I am feeling more confidence on myself and enjoy everything I do. Now I feel highly esteemed and energetic. I strongly suggest to all the obese people to go for this surgery at Contour Obesity and Weight Management Center to get rid of extra fat on your body to remain fit and healthy in life.